Hidizs AP80 PRO-X Review - Ste Knight

Hidizs AP80 PRO-X Review - Ste Knight

I really like the AP80 Pro-X design. We received the silver version to test out, but the device also comes in black or a nice royal blue colorway. The chassis is an aluminum alloy material, so it is nice and light yet also feels sturdy and well built.

The soundstage is nice and wide, with any pairing in my arsenal. Imaging is also great, and layering is nuanced. Picking out instruments is easy, and they all sit in the right positions. Micro-detailing is great; I was listening to DJ Shadow's Preemptive Strike—an album I have enjoyed since its release in 1997—and noticed several buried samples I haven't heard before.

The latest in Hidizs AP80-series of DAPs is nothing short of an absolute winner. It combines everything you would want from a DAP and then some. For such a small device, I can't help but be impressed beyond what my words here have described. At the price point Hidizs has placed the AP80 Pro-X, you cannot go wrong. If you want a dedicated device that is portable and plays your music faithfully and at high resolution, this should be your go to—it is certainly mine.

Top marks for Hidizs here. This is a wonderful little player and one I cannot put down. Bravo.


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