Hidizs BL4.4A-RC Single Crystal Copper Balanced Earphone Upgrade Cable

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- 99.9999% High-Purity Single Crystal Copper
- Silver-Plated for Improved Performance
- A-Grade PVC Outer Skin
- 4.4mm Gold-Plated Copper Earphone Plug
- Compatible with Hidizs Mermaid & most 0.78mm 2pin HiFi IEMs
- Korean Polycarbonate Integral Injection Molding Interface
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99.9999% High-Purity Grain Boundary-Free Oxygen-Free Single Crystal Copper

The HIDIZS BL4.4A-RC balanced earphone upgrade cable is composed of 26AWG (about 0.4mm in diameter) 6N (99.9999%) 120 strands of oxygen-free single crystal copper wire + 6N oxygen-free single crystal copper silver-plated wire as the core for 4-strand mixed braiding made. The bus diameter is about 4mm. Its resistance is about 13% lower than that of ordinary copper. Single-grain copper has no grain boundaries between grains, will not reflect and refract signals, will not cause signal distortion and attenuation, and has extremely high transmission performance. It is an ideal signal transmission wire.


99.9999% High-Purity Amorphous Oxygen-Free Single Crystal Copper Plated With Silver

The HIDIZS BL4.4A-RC balanced earphone upgrade cable is mixed with 2 single-crystal copper-plated silver wires to improve signal transmission efficiency. According to Lenz's law "the effect of the induced current always resists the cause of it", when the current passes through the conductor, it is easy to form a high-density current on the surface of the conductor, which hinders the signal transmission effect of the conductor. Therefore, the surface of the conductor can be effectively relieved by silver plating. Distributes pressure, improves conductivity and stability. At the same time, silver-containing solder is used at the connection point to ensure signal transmission efficiency.

HIDIZS BL4.4A-RC balanced earphone upgrade cable combines the advantages of single crystal copper and silver-plated single crystal copper to achieve stable and rapid transmission. The power has been improved, the resolution is excellent, the atmosphere is better, and the sound is natural and delicate, warm and mellow.


The Outer Skin Of The Wire Is Made Of A-Grade Environmentally Friendly PVC Material Imported From Germany

HIDIZS BL4.4A-RC Balanced Earphone Upgrade Cable adopts A-grade environmentally friendly PVC imported from Germany as the outer skin material. It feels smooth and odorless, durable, not easy to oxidize, and does not change color or yellow after long-term use. It can provide a certain support force during storage, prevent excessive bending of the wire, and effectively protect the core wire.


4.4mm Standard Gold-Plated Oxygen-Free Copper Earphone Plug

The HIDIZS BL4.4A-RC balanced earphone upgrade cable adopts the 4.4mm balanced standard interface plug proposed by SONY. The plug is L+, L-, R+, R-, GND from front to back, a total of five poles. The material of the plug is gold-plated high-purity oxygen-free copper. The gold-plated surface can greatly improve the anti-oxidation ability, and the texture is stable for a long time. At the same time, the signal transmission is particularly agile. The 4.4mm balanced port has a larger and stronger contact area, is more stable and durable than the 2.5mm standard, and takes into account practicality and portability, and has gradually become the mainstream balance port.

The HIDIZS BL4.4A-RC Balanced Earphone Upgrade Cable is the best choice for earphone upgrades to experience the new 4.4mm balanced output. It is also compatible with all models of HIDIZS brand earphones and is also suitable for all products with 4.4mm interfaces on the market.


0.78mm 2pin Earphone Jack

The HIDIZS BL4.4A-RC balanced earphone upgrade cable adopts a standard 0.78mm 2pin interface. Compared with the 0.75mm standard, the contact area is larger and more stable, and it is not easy to bend. It improves the stability of transmission and is more durable. The size of the positive and negative double pins of 0.78mm 2pin is exactly the same, which can be adapted to most of the flat female base earphones on the market and all HIDIZS brand earphones.


Korean Polycarbonate Integral Injection Molding External Interface

The exterior of the interface is made of Korean polycarbonate, which is integrally injection molded. Long-term use will not loosen or deform, polycarbonate has good hardness and excellent wear resistance. The pins of the interface are made of gold-plated oxygen-free copper material, which has better hardness and excellent craftsmanship. Gold-plated oxygen-free copper pins change the internal and surface current distribution pressure, maximize the conductivity of the pins, and make signal transmission clearer. With the core wire of mixed multi-strand single crystal copper and silver-plated single crystal copper, it can present richer sound details and bring a better sense of hearing improvement.

HIDIZS BL4.4A-RC Oxygen Free Grain Free 6N Single Crystal Copper Balanced Earphone Upgrade Cable is the mainstream upgrade choice. Details make a difference.