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AP80 Review - ZMarketChangers


Too much rumorses, >17000 views, 10 pages of discussion and guessing on HeadFi, countless posts and comments in Facebook about the next Hidizs product and, finally, the wait is over! Hidizs has revealed their new, highly anticipated ultra-portable Hi-Res DAP — AP80 on Kickstarter!!!

We’ve been desperately waiting for this to happen since the time first rumorses about AP80 showed up in a hope to see the most balanced and advanced DAP on the market in its segment. The longer it took to get revealed, the more doubts we had that it would ever be finilized. But, we were wrong…

Now, when we’ve finally got and examined our sample it became clear why it took Hidizs so long — they did a great job on polishing AP80 PRIOR to first market presentation. This clearly shows that Hidizs company has matured much in terms of market perception and quality control. We’ve also seen that approach in some previous excellent products like Seeds IEMs, Dawnwood ST08 IEMs, Sonata Dac&Amp — common brand identity and perfect crafting. Therefore, our expectations about their new DAP were higher that before, and guess what — Hidizs AP80 surpassed all and really astonished in almost every aspect…

So, here is our full review of the new ultraportable beast on Hi-Res audio market — Hidizs AP80 DAP:

Technical Specifications:


CPU: Ingenic X1000
Screen: 2.45″, 360×480, IPS
Controls: touchscreen + physical buttons + jog dial
Storage: microSD card, up to 512GB
OS: Linux + HibyOS + HibyMusic + HibyLink
USB interface: type-C, file transfer / two-way USB DAC
Battery: 800mAh, LiON
Battery life: >15Hours
Charging time: ~1.5Hours, DC 5V/2A
Ports & Connectivity:

Audio: 3.5mm stereo headphones output & Line out
Wireless: Bluetooth V4.1 (aptX, (LDAC in process)), FM radio

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