Analysis of the Frequency Response Curve of Hidizs MP145 Ultra-large Planar Magnetic Driver HiFi IEMs

Analysis of the Frequency Response Curve of Hidizs MP145 Ultra-large Planar Magnetic Driver HiFi IEMs
The Evolution of Planar Magnetic Drivers: From Audiophile Love to High-End Innovation

Since the planar magnetic driver appeared in the 1970s, it has been deeply loved by audiophiles. The manufacturing requirements of the initial planar magnetic driver are much higher than that of the dynamic driver, and the manufacturing cost is correspondingly higher, and because of its larger size, it is difficult to apply it to portable earphones for a long time. However, the physical structure of the planar magnetic driver, especially the center-mounted diaphragm, enables its movement and speed to have higher transient response, richer response details, and lower distortion than other drivers. This inherent advantage makes planar magnetic drivers favored by high-end audio restoration equipment.

With the advancement of technology, the manufacturing process and precision of the planar magnetic driver have developed rapidly, and people can finally install the large-diameter planar magnetic driver into the cavity of the earphone. Hidizs MP145 is one of the best of these new in-ear monitors. The development of the MP145 HiFi IEMs project is also supported by WDC (Whale & Dolphin Conservation). We use the unique appearance of whales as design inspiration, and use this to arouse people's attention to whales and the ocean, and work together to protect our home.

When the Hidizs Acoustics Laboratory first tested the acoustic data of the MP145 ultra-large-diameter planar magnetic driver, all engineers were shocked by the physical parameters of this huge diaphragm, especially its ultra-high response speed. Then when we limited its dynamic range below 130dB, it exhibited an incredible level of audio density - like a never-tiring genie singing an eternal song.

Mastering Mid-Frequencies for an Opera Concert Experience

First of all, the mid-frequency and mid-low frequency part that the planar magnetic driver is good at, the output of MP145 is completely easy. Its timbre accuracy, rich details, and ultra-high audio density all demonstrate the outstanding qualities of the MP145 “FAST” custom driver. In the 200Hz-800Hz frequency range surrounded by many voices, the vocal and singing parts have achieved a real reverberation effect, which is thick and clear, and can be retracted freely. It is as if you are in an opera house, and you are at the scene of an opera concert.

Achieving Perfect W-Shaped High-Frequency Response

Secondly, under the premise of almost no loss of mid and low frequency response, MP145 still has excellent responsiveness near the extremely high frequency of 18kHz, far exceeding the response level of ordinary planar magnetic drivers from high frequency to extremely high frequency. This achieves audio extension that ordinary planar magnetic driver earphones have never achieved, greatly improves the expressiveness of the instrument, and thus forms a characteristic frequency response curve that is in line with the H-2019 target curve - Perfect W shape.

Achieving Harmonious Full-Range Sound Quality

Finally, thanks to the full details and ultra-low harmonic distortion of the 14.5mm super-large planar magnetic diaphragm, MP145 can easily achieve the correct and balanced sound output quality when calibrating the frequency response curve. And with the blessing of the ultra-wide full-range response of 20Hz-40kHz, it realizes the perfect output combination of low, medium and high frequencies and extremely high frequencies, which is similar to the “Great music can be felt even heard faintly” proposed by Eastern philosophy.

Unveiling the Audio Wonders: Hidizs MP145 with Ultra-Large Diaphragm and Tailored Sound

Ultra-large diaphragm, ultra-wide frequency range, super performance, a single driver does not need to transition frequency range, bringing zero-loss audio detail expression. The professional adjustment and calibration of Hidizs Acoustic Laboratory, and the frequency response curve tailored for MP145 have been unanimously praised by professional evaluation media. Its transient response, sensitivity and performance capabilities are far ahead of many planar magnetic driver IEMs of the same class. And Hidizs, as always, provides three kinds of pneumatic sound tuning filters and three kinds of tuning liquid silicone eartips, which can combine 9 different characteristic audio styles, and all of them have been calibrated by the H-2019 target curve.

Explore the deep sea secrets of the audio world with Hidizs MP145!

Launch Date on Kickstarter at 9:30 AM EST Sept. 6th

The MP145 Kickstarter campaign will go live on Kickstarter at 9:30 AM EST Sept. 6th. By backing this groundbreaking project, supporters will not only gain access to an extraordinary audio experience but also contribute to the conservation efforts of WDC.
For more information, including early-bird offers and campaign updates, please sign up and get the launch special notification. Sign up to be the Limited Super Early Bird with $109.00 only 👉

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