HIDIZS MS1-Rainbow Review - Pietro

HIDIZS MS1-Rainbow Review - Pietro

The bass is “thicccc” and pretty clean and with no bleed; the sub-bass is still elevated but with a little bit of roll-off. The bass is really authoritative, even at low volume. It is absolutely not a set for relaxing music or classic genres. I must admit that the bass is truly enjoyable, especially because of its heaviness. Not the fastest but the punch affects your eardrum.

I was not particularly surprised by the mids. They are obviously somewhat recessed, if not overly so, but there is a lack of shading; the voices are also a little unnatural, and there may be a little consistency lacking. Their superiority over the MS1 Galaxy is evident, but the assessment shifts when we take the MS1 Rainbow’s cost into account.

It has a warm and slightly nasal shade. The musical instruments are not all pleasant in the same way. Guitars and bass sound quite correct, while the cymbals have a somewhat dampened sound.

Since the low frequencies are more present, the highs also have a greater presence to balance everything. They can become very sharp at high volumes but are not sibilant. What’s missing, in my opinion, is air.

On the soundstage side, we are at monitor level; the sound goes slightly out of your ears. Separation and discreet but not an excellent image. It is a non -cheap driver but still a little dated; it was probably not so bad. What is missing is a bit of extra resolution but the quality and separation are better than the new Galaxy.

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