Hidizs MS3 Review - Yohanes

Hidizs MS3 Review - Yohanes

The IEM itself is built like a tank, the design is also changed to be a bit wavy not like the MS5

MS3 also has removable filter like its older brother.ou can easily swap the filter to tune the MS3 to be more of your preference, you can change the bass and treble quantity and the vocal placement to some degree with the tuning filter, it’s a pretty neat feature.

Hidizs create a good balance between looks and comfort of the cable, I can easily wear the MS3 for hours without getting my ears hurt.the IEM shell is also thinner compared to the MS5 and it sits more flush to your ears.

The Hidizs MS3 offers balanced yet fun tonality with pretty good technicalities especially its detail retrieval and resolving capabilities.


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