HIDIZS S8 Pro Robin Review - Wildan Zuhdi

HIDIZS S8 Pro Robin  Review - Wildan Zuhdi
Hidizs S8 Pro Robin menggunakan chipset Dac dr Cirrus Logic yaitu 2 x CS43131 dg output power SE 3.5 80 x 80mw @32 ohm serta Balance 4.4 160 x 160mW @32 ohm.

Kita mulai dr sektor Low atau Bass.
Selama ini sy udah cukup akrab dg dongle yg pke chipset Dac dr ESS terutama ES9038Q2M yg bisa memberikan kepuasan disektor Low nya Krn punya sektor Low yg deep serta nampol, jd sy sempat ragu apakah chipset CS43131 ini bisa memuaskan hasrat sy sbg pecinta Bass alias Basshead.
Ternyata bass yg dihasilkan oleh S8 Pro ini cukup deep& nampol bahkan terasa lebih nampol dr chipset Dac ES9038Q2M

Mid/ Vocal
Selain punya bass yg bagus, Hidize S8 Pro Robin ini juga punya Vocal yg Istimewa.
Lalu seistimewa apa sektor vocal S8 Pro?
Vocal S8 Pro terasa Natural, Cristal Clear, Lepas serta Airy.
Padahal secara posisi vocal itu tidak terlalu maju& intim jadi bebas shouty kecuali untuk lagu2 yg punya rekaman dg posisi yg forward atau vocalnya udah maju dr lahirnya (rekaman studio).
Posisinya pas aja menurut sy.
Namun kejernihan vocalnya ini yg membuat sy terkesan.
Untuk lagu2 yg ngandelin vocal bisa eargasme dengerin pke S8 Pro ini.

High/ Trebel
Trebel Hidizs S8 Pro cukup crisp dan sparkling serta extended.
Pukulan cymbal terasa jauh tapi gak sampai harsh.

Detail& Clarity
Dg tonal suara yg netral dan minim kolorasi, Hidizs S8 Pro menyajikan detail retrieval yg sangat baik.
Sy coba bandingin dg dongle yg sekelasnya atau bahkan yg lebih mahal sekalipun, S8 Pro punya detail yg lebih baik.

Hidizs S8 Pro punya soundstage yg lebih baik dilevel harganya.
Everything feel more far kalo dibandingkan dg dongle yg sekelas kalo gak yg terbaik.



English Version:

Hidizs S8 Pro Robin uses a Dac chipset from Cirrus Logic, namely 2 x CS43131 with output power SE 3.5 80 x 80mw @ 32 ohm and Balance 4.4 160 x 160mW @ 32 ohm.

We start from the Low or Bass sector.

So far, I've been quite familiar with dongles that use the DAC chipset from ESS, especially the ES9038Q2M, which can provide satisfaction in the Low sector because it has a low sector that is deep and flat, so I was doubtful whether this CS43131 chipset could satisfy my desires as a Bass lover, aka Basshead.

It turns out that the bass produced by the S8 Pro is quite deep & punchy and even feels punchier than the ES9038Q2M Dac chipset.

Mid/ Vocals

Apart from having good bass, the Hidize S8 Pro Robin also has special vocals.

So how special is the vocal sector of the S8 Pro?

The S8 Pro's vocals feel natural, crystal clear, loose and airy.

Even though the vocal position is not too forward and intimate, it's shouty-free, except for songs that are recorded in a forward position or the vocals have been advanced since they were born (studio recordings).

The position is just right, in my opinion.

However, the clarity of his vocals is what impressed me.

For songs that rely on vocals, you can listen to eargasms using the S8 Pro.

High/ Treble

Hidizs S8 Pro's treble is quite crisp, sparkling and extended.

Cymbal hits feel distant but not harsh.

Detail & Clarity

With a neutral tonal sound and minimal coloration, Hidizs S8 Pro provides excellent detail retrieval.

I tried to compare it with dongles in the same class or even more expensive ones, the S8 Pro has better details.


Hidizs S8 Pro has a better soundstage for its price level.

Everything feels much further compared to dongles of the same class, if not the best.


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