HIDIZS April Special Sale

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We're thrilled to announce the arrival of the HIDIZS April Special Sale!

Dive into savings this April with HIDIZS' Special Sale! Enjoy up to 50% OFF on XO and DH80S at our global Amazon store, and exclusive combo deals Up to 50% OFF on HIDIZS.net. Don't miss out on these exclusive offers! 🎧Get ready for unbeatable deals on HIDIZS premium audio gear!🔥

📅 Event Period: April 11th, 2024, to April 25th, 2024

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Order the XO and DH80S on Global Amazon and unlock the lowest prices ever! Save up to a whopping 50% OFF! 🚀 Experience the pinnacle of sound quality with HIDIZS XO and DH80S. Whether you're a music enthusiast or an audiophile, these devices deliver unparalleled performance.


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"The USB-C connection of the HlDIZS DH80S makes it a vastly universal device that can offer compatibility and ful operation with Windows, MacOS. Linux, Android, iOS and portable music players.With USB DAC capabilities and an USB-powered design. the device can be used as a dedicated desktop DAC/Amp while the rechargeable internal battenalso enables it to be a fully portable DAC/Amp for portable DAP and smartphones."
---Reviewed by thephonograph.net

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"The Hidizs XO is a decent sounding ultra portable MQA capable DAC/Amplifier dongle with a pretty balanced and natural presentation, thanks to its well-implemented hardware (ES9219C DAC Chips, Independent Crystal Oscillators, etc.) configuration. Moreover, it’s also a visually gorgeous looking product with its solid aluminum housing, stylish physical buttons and the pretty unique patented RGB LED light interface, which is an eye-catching highlight of the device."
---Reviewed by GÖKHAN AYDIN

Available on Amazon US/CA/JP/UK/DE/FR/ES/AE!

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When you purchase the XO+MS1-Galaxy or DH80S+Leather Case bundles, along with other exciting combo deals, enjoy discounts of Up to 50% OFF on HIDIZS.net! 🎧 Immerse yourself in superior sound with HIDIZS audio equipment, designed to take your listening experience to new heights.

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