Share Your Tuning Curves

Dear HiFi Enthusiasts,

The MP145 has sparked controversy since its release. Some individuals have subjectively judged that HIDIZS has 'secretly' changed the sound after the first release on Kickstarter. We sincerely provide an objective platform to verify and discuss these claims.

As is common in the HiFi field, the target curve is always a standard once a product is released. Whether in small-scale production or large-scale formal manufacturing, the tuning of IEMs remains consistent. Even minor deviations within the reasonable range of ±2dB to ±4dB align completely with engineering specifications and production standards. This applies to HIDIZS MP145 and other HIDIZS IEMs.

Qualified applicants will receive a FREE MP145 sample to measure and compare the tuning curves of two MP145 units from different periods to explore any potential tuning adjustments made by HIDIZS.

Your analysis will be invaluable in identifying any tuning changes and sharing these findings with the wider community. We believe this presents a unique opportunity for the HiFi community to engage in an in-depth analysis of the HIDIZS MP145.

* The tuning curve can refer to the HIDIZS official release.

Event Date:

From July 4th. to July 11st.

Participant Members: 

4-5 members who follow the participation details below. 

Following Participation Details:

  • Testing Equipment: Participants should possess professional audio testing equipment capable of measuring tuning curves and performing a comprehensive comparative analysis.
  • Experience Proof: Provide proof of your experience with HiFi tuning monitoring and related equipment (e.g. links to historical reviews or images of tuning curves for other IEMs).
  • Share Your Findings: Share the testing process, results, and conclusions on your social media platforms. Ensure your curve graphs and comments are objective and supported by accurate data.

* The tuning curve can refer to the HIDIZS official release.

We look forward to your participation and to seeing your detailed analyses on social media. This event is a great opportunity to contribute to the HiFi community and engage in meaningful discussions about the HIDIZS MP145.

Thank you for your support and enthusiasm!

Best regards,

HIDIZS Official Team