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HIDIZS MP145 IEM + S9 Pro Plus DAP

The MP145 model is part of the Hidizs Mermaid series of earphones, and this particular model features a 14.5mm ultra-large Planar Magnetic driver. The inner part of the shell is smooth and has a comfortable fit, while the faceplate has a raised cutout in the shape of a Whale Tail, the inspiration behind the design. The included stock cable is soft, pliable, and comfortable to wear.  It features 4 loosely braided conductors, each one using 6N purity silver-plated single-crystal copper wires.

I hear MP145 to have a fast-speed balanced sound signature with a clean, clear, detailed tonality. The bass is definitely above the neutral quantity with a nice textured sub-bass rumble you can actually feel and even mistake for DD driver performance. Mid-range has neutral lower mids, adding clarity to the sound without any additional body, keeping mids lean, clear, detailed, and well separated from the bass.The treble is crisp and detailed, well extended, adding airiness to the sound. The soundstage is very big and expanded, actually expanded in all 3 directions with a very impressive width.  The imaging is on a 3D level, where every sound, instrument, and vocal can be accurately pin-pointed in space.


The CNC aluminum alloy shell of the S9PP is very compact and lightweight having dimensions of 55mm x 25mm x 11mm and weighing 16g. The updated S9PP model now features 3.5mm SE and 4.4mm BAL outputs and physical volume buttons with dual functionality to switch between the digital filters, while the previous S9/S9P used 2.5mm BAL and no physical volume/function controls.  Inside, you still have an ES9038Q2M DAC chip with PCM support of up to 32bit/768kHz and native DSD up to 512, and you still get a sampling rate indicator light.  The output power is not too far off from previous models, a bit higher from 3.5mm SE (138mW) and a touch lower from 4.4mm BAL (180mW), but still, plenty for most of the IEMs and easy to drive full-size headphones.


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