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HIDIZS S9 Pro Plus + MP145 Reviews  -  Headfonia

Sound performance

My main sources were: Hidizs S9 Pro Plus

On the Hidizs S9 Pro Plus, plugged with the OG cable, the MP145 outmatched the old MD4 on all of every I listened too. Most impressive of all was the rendering of the vocals, which, throughout all my listening, continually managed to surprise me in terms of clarity, fidelity, and naturalness. Something that I was not expecting from this IEM. Sure, the bass remains superb, even if not as “magical” as my high-end gears, but for the price it’s hard to be picky and they give a solid foundation to the rest of the spectrum. ​​It avoids any conspicuous flaws in this frequency range, creating an audio experience that seamlessly blends robust lows and super clean highs, at every volume level.

The transition from the bass to the mids is smooth, avoiding any muddiness. Instrumental separation is commendable, allowing each instrument to shine in its own space. Listening to live recordings, one can easily discern the positioning of instruments, giving a sense of being right there in the midst of the performance. It’s neither too sharp nor too laid-back, striking a harmonious balance that brings out the shimmer in cymbals and the breathiness in vocals without any hint of sibilance. This is particularly noticeable in tracks with intricate high-frequency details, where the Hidizs MP145 managed to reproduce every nuance with finesse – not on all sources though, power, power, power!

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