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MS1 Review

Pros: Excellent build and fit, advanced kickstarter options have an array of cables on offer, smooth and neutral type sound, price
Cons: A bit more upper bass and lower mids would be welcome, treble can be peaky on some tracks, needs some burn in, coherency is lost at times

The new earphone series from Hidizs is quite a surprise production from this dap company.

Earlier products such as the AP60 and the later AP200 and AP80 built upon earlier builds and improved the sonics experience as is to be expected.

Hidizs has finally gone into the earphone arena with a well received pair (MS1 and MS4) by reviewers that was available for mainly early review, feedback and development purposes.
Hidizs has taken a jump into the lower mid fi end with their MS4 model (1 DD, 3BA) and also the entry level end with the MS1 with their new DD earphone.
Placed at US $99 - $129 on Kickstarter (Later increasing to $149 - $268). The Hidizs MS1 when combined with a decent dap certainly emerges as an earphone that produces a pleasant performance.

Coming with a durable oxygen-free copper cables which are composed of 4 strands two pin standard single ended 3.5mm for starters. There is also the option to add more cables as perks, Such as a 5.0 bluetooth receiver or a Type-C DAC cable , or a 2.5mm balanced cable. And there is also a 4.4mm option upon request.

Various Daps, volume matched with a SPL meter, and FLAC tracks were used in the listening and testing).

I used the Stock Balanced tips for most of my listening (thick silicone and with a small bore)

The Hidizs MS1 dynamic driver earphone is certainly a decent first effort. My expectations were admittedly low, this being their first earphone (that I know of).

The Hidizs MS1 takes a turn from the earlier favored V shapes of late 2017/early 2018 of other brands to a more neutral, linear and bright sound, echoing to some degree the ever popular DD sound that one enjoys to listen to.
Vocals are sweet and not too forward and complement the music rather than overwhelm it.


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