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1. Dual 32-bit High-performance DAC Balanced Architecture - CS43131×2
2. PCM Supports Up to 32bit/384kHz
3. Native DSD 64/128/256
4. 4.4mm Balanced & 3.5mm Single-ended Output
5. CNC Aluminum Alloy Integrated Molding
6. Practical Function Buttons (volume +-/filter switching)
7. Sampling Rate Indicator
8. 80mW+80mW@32Ω 3.5mm SE / 160mW+160Mw@32Ω 4.4mm BAL
9. Compatible with All platforms: Windows/Mac OS/iPad OS/Android/iOS/Harmony OS
10. Hi-Res Audio Certification

S8 Pro Robin: BLACK
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Introducing the HIDIZS S8 Pro, affectionately named "Robin" after the common migratory bird known as the thrush. Just as the thrush symbolizes the beauty of nature, the S8 Pro Robin embodies seamless harmony between technology and sound. Named to highlight biodiversity's importance, it serves as a reminder to cherish our natural world. Through "Robin", we hope to deepen appreciation for the creatures around us, bridging the gap between nature and innovation.

"I have a Bird in spring
Which for myself doth sing -
The spring decoys.
And as the summer nears -
And as the Rose appears,
Robin is gone."

——"I have a Bird in spring" Emily Dickinson

Robin’s Song - Dual 32-bit DAC chip balanced architecture

HIDIZS S8 Pro Robin is a new model upgraded from the previous generation S8 DAC dongle. The Hidizs S8 Pro Robin boasts a dual 32-bit DAC balanced architecture, powered by two CS43131 chips from CIRRUS LOGIC®. The single-ended output power is up to 80mW+80mW@32Ω, and the balanced port thrust is increased to 160mW+160mW@32Ω. Its excellent performance is highly praised by audiophiles.

The CS43131's 32-bit oversampling multi-bit modulator uses mismatch shaping technology to eliminate distortion caused by mismatch of on-chip components. Proprietary digital interpolation filters support five selectable filter responses with pseudo-linear phase and ultra-low latency, minimizing pre-echo and ringing artifacts. CIRRUS' Popguard® technology also eliminates output transients during power-up or power-down events.

Robin’s Good Luck - Special Wing-shaped Exterior Design

The S8 Pro "Robin" has a special appearance design, and the middle frame is made of a single piece of aviation aluminum alloy. There are flying wing-shaped display structures on both sides of the middle frame. There are three physical buttons on one side, which can control the volume and switch filter effects. Both the front and back of Robin use glass panels, which are delicate and light, just like the robin that brings good luck to people. Lightweight at 17 grams, it ensures high-quality music enjoyment anytime, anywhere, seamlessly blending into your musical journey.

Unlock Physical Buttons for Volume Control & 6 Filter Option for an Unparalleled Hi-Res Music Experience

HIDIZS S8 Pro Robin is equipped with practical function buttons designed specifically for audiophiles, providing convenient and quick volume adjustments to effortlessly adapt to variations in volume when switching between different headphones. Additionally, the CS43131's 32-bit offers 6 optional filter responses, and the switching function is integrated into two buttons. By simultaneously pressing both buttons, you can cycle through the 6 filter effects.

Robin's Journey - 3.5mm Single-ended + 4.4mm Balanced Dual interface

HIDIZS S8 Pro Robin HiFi Dongle DAC provides two mainstream output interfaces: 3.5mm single-ended and 4.4mm balanced. fully harnessing the power of the dual DAC balanced decoding architecture. It adapts to a variety of application scenarios, making it an excellent companion for digital streaming media and traditional audio playback devices.

Robin's Feather - Audio Sample Rate Indicator

Different formats, distinct visuals. HIDIZS insists on intuitive sampling rate indicators for dongle products. Like a robin's contrasting feathers, the S8 Pro's logo changes color to display the sampling rate:

  • Yellow: DSD 64/128
  • Purple: DSD 256
  • Blue: PCM 176.4/192(kHz)
  • Red: PCM 352.8/384(kHz)
  • White: PCM 705.6/768(kHz)
  • Green: PCM 44.1/48/88.2/96(kHz)

Each offers a unique audio experience, enhancing your musical journey with stunning visual effects that let you see the music alongside hearing it.

Powerful and Compact Audio Excellence

S8 Pro Robin is quite powerful for its size. With 80mW+80mW@32Ω 3.5mm SE / 160mW+160mW@32Ω 4.4mm BAL, it will properly drive any IEMs including hard to drive planar or low impedance IEMs, earbuds and headphones. It also delivers outstanding desktop-class performance.

Low Noise, Low Distortion

In the single-ended PO (3.5mm) output, distortion is as low as 0.0005%, while the balanced BAL (4.4mm) achieves an extraordinary ultra-low distortion of 0.0006%. The Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR) is outstanding at 125dB/128dB, and separation reaches 74dB/110dB. These performance figures are ceiling-level for a portable DAC & AMP.

With remarkably low total harmonic distortion, it provides a clean and hiss-free amplification experience. S8 Pro Robin showcases high-quality, all-around performance that leaves a profound impact on your auditory senses and emotions.

Easy Plug-n-Play with Multi-platform Compatibility

The S8 Pro Robin boasts a standard Type-C data interface, ensuring excellent compatibility across a wide range of platforms, including Windows, Mac OS, iPad OS, Android, iOS, and Harmony OS. It offers true plug-and-play convenience on all operating systems.

Friendly support for various music and streaming software on playback end, with up to 6 filter effects to adapt to different quality wired headphones, Bluetooth headphones, active/passive speakers, and Bluetooth speakers, allowing you to dig into and listen to the heart of your music, no matter what device you may have it connected to. Get an immersive listening experience with the all-new S8 Pro Robin!

Hi-Res Audio Certified

Hi-Res Audio certification is a design proposed and defined by Sony and recognized by JAS (Japanese Audio Association) and CEA (Consumer Electronics Association), requires the capability of audio devices to handle the digital resolution more than 24-bit/96kHz, for the purpose of performance extreme music quality and original sound reproduction.

What's in the box

Coming with Type-C to Type-C Cable×1, Type-C to USB-A adapter×1, Type-C to Lightning Adapter×1, User manual×1, Warranty card×1




DAC Chip:



 Native DSD64/128/256


Support up to 32Bit/384kHz

Output option:

Compatible with single-ended 3.5mm and balanced 4.4mm earphones

Audio parameters:

Test conditions @32Ω Load

Frequency Response:



PO (3.5): 0.0005%, BAL (4.4): 0.0006%

Signal-to-noise ratio:

PO (3.5): 125dB, BAL (4.4): 128dB


PO (3.5): -74dB, BAL (4.4): -110dB

Output power:

Up to 80mW+80mW SE 3.5mm / Up to 160mW+160mW BAL 4.4mm